School-based ICT (Longman Computer Course for Junior Secondary) series is specially published for Secondary 1 to 3 students to:

  • build them up basic Information and Communication Technology knowledge through hands-on, interesting activities;
  • train their problem-solving skills with the aid of various up-to-date applications and online tools;
  • familiarize themselves with how a task or a project can be conducted using ICT tools.

    Teachers can flexibly arrange the curricula they require with the use of this series. Various subscription modes, such as usual print, online, print-on-demand, are available for schools to adopt.

    The series is accompanied by various online teaching and learning resources such as E-Book, E-Assignment, Simulations, Videos and Online Extended Activities. A wide range of other online teaching aids, including Question Bank, Teacher’s Guide and Online Enrichment Activities are available for teachers.

    Full chapter list of the series

    Theme A – Office Applications

    1 Word Processing (I)

    2 Word Processing (II)

    3 Spreadsheets (I)

    4 Spreadsheets (II)

    5 Spreadsheets (III)

    6 Presentation of Information (I)

    7 Presentation of Information (II)

    8 Spreadsheets (IV)

    Theme B – Multimedia Production

    1 Text

    2 Graphics

    3 Audio

    4 Video

    5 Animation (I)

    6 Animation (II)

    7 Interactive Multimedia Production

    Theme C – Computer Systems

    1 Basics of a Computer System

    2 Central Processing Unit

    3 Main Memory: RAM and ROM

    4 Secondary Storage Devices

    5 Input and Output Devices

    6 System Software and Application Software

    7 Types of Computer Systems

    Theme D – Web Authoring

    1 Web Authoring and HTML Basics

    2 Creating Hyperlinks on Web Pages

    3 Manipulating Graphics on Web Pages

    4 Creating Multimedia Web Pages

    5 Configuring Page Layout Using a Table

    6 Web Site Management

    7 Configuring a Page Layout Using Dreamweaver Templates

    Theme E – Internet Applications and Security

    1 The Networking and Internet Basics

    2 Wireless Networking

    3 Internet Services and Applications

    4 Ethics and Intellectual Properties

    5 Threats and Security on the Internet

    6 More on Internet Services and Applications

    Theme F – RAPTOR Programming

    1 Problem-Solving Procedure

    2 Introduction to RAPTOR Programming

    3 Programming Control Structures (I) – Sequence and Selection

    4 Programming Control Structures (II) – Iteration

    5 Dry Run and More on Iteration Control Structures

    Theme G1 – Scratch Programming

    1 Introduction to Scratch

    2 Scratch Blocks (I)

    3 Scratch Blocks (II)

    4 Scratch Games

    Theme G2 –Programming an mBot

    1 Introduction to mBot

    2 Scripting for Basic Operations of an mBot